Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Pahurat Market (Little India): Textile Mecca of the East.

Phahurat Market (Little India)
Phahurat Road, Phra Nakhon District
Bangkok, Thailand
Open 9:00-6:00 Daily

If you've ever been to Thailand, most likely you've spent many a hours shopping. How can you not? Thai made goods (which do include silk, linens, porcelain, stainless steal wear, hand woven goods) are abundant and easy on the pockets. I can't help but hoard plentifully for my future home back in the USA. Linens and silk textiles never go out of style people!

 And Bangkok is the epicenter of it all, and since we had to go up there to get some more stamps in our passport we decided to go to a market that was a bit more hush hush. By hush hush I mean you had to go down a dark alley way to further darker alley ways that were completely jam packed with fabric. Those alley ways lead you to the fabric mecca of the east, which is exactly what we went on our little treasure hunt  to find.
Not to mention the prices in deep dark alley ways are much cheaper. aren't they always??? bad joke.

 Joey kept saying he was in plaid heaven and I made an A line it straight to the plethora of linens and then got immediately overwhelmed with the plethora of linens.
Joey came home with 8 different plaid fabrics and I came home with over 4 meters of linens for 12 USD. We are planning to take them straight to our tailor.